(Broadway) stars, they’re just like us!

21 Jul

Last night, an SOEC benefactor gave us tickets to the musical Catch Me If You Can, starring Aaron Tveit aka Tripp Van Der Bilt from Gossip Girl. We read in our playbill that the show cost $13 million to produce. Huh? Compared to the monkeys in Wicked, CMIYC’s stage design was pretty basic for the Great White Way. Although we can see how the costumes may have raked up the budget. Our personal favorite was the male lead’s sequined pilot’s jacket and matching hat.

Definitely go see Catch Me If You Can if a. you can’t get tickets to see Harry Potter in How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying or b. you are truly a showtunes enthusiast. Each musical number had all of the components of a Broadway classic. Also worth noting that Tveit literally danced off the stage after the curtain call. There go Broadway stars, they love their jobs.

There’s nothing we like more than brushes of fame with minor celebrities, and we guaranteed one by going to the stage door after the show. We snapped some paparazzi shots of Tveit, got his autograph, and asked him to “give us a comment for our lifestyle blog,” to which he responded “you’ll have to go through our press department.” Despite being rejected, we still give Aaron a thumbs-up for being good-looking, talented, and charmingly awkward.

Can't touch this Broadway star...

Sartorial note on Aaron/Tripp: he wore imitation seersucker pants (what does that even mean?), laceless Converse, and a cryptic graphic tee—still not quite sure what was being portrayed on his chest.

Daily Picks, beetchez!

  • Movie: We’d like to pay homage to Mandy Moore and all of her artistic endeavors. Highlights include, in order of preference: A Walk to Remember, Chasing Liberty, and American Dreamz.
  • TV Show: Summerland, featuring a dashing young Jesse McCartney and Aunt Becky.
  • Book: In an intimate interview in the Cambodian jungle, Angelina Jolie  admits that she lets her children eat crickets and even has her people package them in take-out containers. In honor of her efforts to preserve the cultural traditions of Pax and Maddox, we recommend The Clay Marble by Minfong Ho. Wait, do you think she lets her non-Indochinese children eat crickets too?
  • Song: California King Bed by Princess RiRi. Great song, but it’s slightly concerning that Rihanna has resorted to singing about pieces of furniture. Life after Chris Brown just isn’t so good. Don’t think it was that good during Chris Brown either…
  • SIDENOTE: Edge of Glory by Lady GaGa. We know you’ve heard the song, but with lyrics like “I need a man who thinks it’s right when it’s so wrong,” who would have thought it was inspired by her grandfather and Bruce Springsteen?!

2 Responses to “(Broadway) stars, they’re just like us!”

  1. EP July 22, 2011 at 9:28 am #

    two things:

    “imitation seersucker pants (what does that even mean?)”

    also: WALK TO REMEMBER!i still remember watching it with my entire high school dance team, taking up half the theater and sobbing in unison.

    that is all. thx for making our summer friday a lil brighter.

  2. Lauren July 22, 2011 at 9:36 am #

    SO many things to comment on!
    1- I love that you two were way more starstruck in front of Ann Brashares than this guy.
    2- Please note Mandy Moore’s supporting but crucial role in PRINCESS DIARIES, including the riveting performance of “Stupid Cupid”
    3- Aunt Becky’s new show was always best when it was a “fresh” Summerland.
    4- Need to hotly defend this takedown of RiRi. Girl is doing GREAT! My kareoke (sp?) song of the moment happens to be What’s My Name? (Still seeking male to jump in on Drake’s part / be my boyfriend.) Also, for a blog named Sheets of Egyptian Cotton, you have a way harsh stance on songs about bedding.

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