Edinburgh: the Boston of Europe

16 Nov

Don’t blame us for not posting in a while, blame our technological problems:

-Alyssa’s computer is corroding. Unclear what this means exactly and due to the lack of an Apple store in Edinburgh, we won’t know until her homecoming to Westport, CT in a month’s time. Hope her computer makes it that long–last update was that her battery had eaten her weather applications. Good thing the weather never changes in Edinburgh!

-Elaheh’s computer was stolen. Tears were shed, language pledges were broken, but most tragically, valuable footage of Cribs-style home videos was lost. Hmph.

Computer troubles + believe it or not, some of us have a lot of work abroad = not enough time to blog!

Elaheh braved Ryan Air this weekend to visit Alyssa in Scotland’s second largest city. Confirmed: Ryan Air is awful. Alyssa’s observations from the previous post remain accurate portrayals of the budget airline’s ambience. No, I would not like to buy a calendar featuring the girls of Ryan Air. Also, not okay that the flight attendant had a seriously congested nose–talk about an airborne illness!

SOEC took it to the streets of Edinburgh this past weekend. (side note, how many o’s are in Edinburgh? none.) Here are some highlights from our sejour:

  • Topshop!

Buying an outfit from Topshop makes you one line of cocaine short of being Kate Moss. We kid we kid! No, but really, did you know she has a 9 year old daughter?

Topshop is the ultimate test of a shopaholic’s self-control. As Sophie Kinsella and Alyssa like to state so frankly, the world gets better when you shop [at topshop]. A certain one of us left with a super synthetic faux leather/fur jacket (flacket?) inspired by the likes of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and the gorillas who raised Tarzan.

Tip for starving study abroad students!! If you don’t have enough pounds** to get a manicure then do what we did–slyly paint your nails using Topshop’s tester nail polishes. They have upwards of 50 colors and the store is so crowded that the chances of a salesperson asking you to stop is slim to none. Don’t bother looking for a topcoat, we couldn’t find one either.

**Jokes about “losing pounds” after spending money aren’t cool/funny/witty in the UK. Hate to break it to you Euro spenders…

Girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do...

  • St. Arthur’s Seat

We decided to take an afternoon hike up one of Edinburgh’s most famous attractions, Arthur’s Seat.

When we made it to the top, we found ourselves surrounded by tons of couples enjoying the sunset (sun sets at 3 in Scotland). Guess they all saw One Day and wanted to recreate the moment that Em and Dex (Dex and Em) had at the top. Halp. We cracked open our offensively artificial bag of Cheese Puffs to ease our nausea. Crows immediately started attacking us so we had to G.O.S.!!! (Shout out to Alyssa’s study abroad friend Brandon O’Brien for thinking of this awesome new acronym for “get out soon”).

There are no marked trails down the hill, but luckily we ran into some coordinated Scottish nationals to give us a hand through some particular sliding rock sections. We eventually made it down alive and went back to Alyssa’s flat in time for a pre-dinner snack (binge) of dark chocolate Digestives. Can’t. Stop. Eating. Digestives.


  • Book: The Hunger Games. Also, Elaheh is endorsing #1 Ladies Detective Agency penned by Edinburgh native Alexander McCall Smith. She may or may not be the only person under the age of 50 to have read the series so do with that recommendation what you will…
  • Song: anything by Kings of Leon and Halloween from Rent. Alyssa thinks it’s the most underrated song, but Elaheh thinks it rivals Tango: Maureen as the worst song from the musical.
  • Movie: No time for movies because we’re watching Justin Bieber’s Christmas music videos on repeat. Thank god his voice is getting deeper. Spotted: Selena Gomez look-a-like

Random Thought: Uggs, fad or classic? Rumor has it that #1 SOEC fan Roshan Nozari had them before ANYONE ELSE. Realllllllly?

Check back in a month for a post about our upcoming Italian EATventures!!
Youth in asia…euthansia.

4 Responses to “Edinburgh: the Boston of Europe”

  1. Roshan November 16, 2011 at 2:12 pm #

    i did have the uggs before everyone else. and i introduced you to the ladies number one detective agency. did you know that our publishing house is putting out a book for kids recounting precious ramotswe’s very first case? it’s call the great cake mystery. get at rhcb.

    btw bravo. this was much anticipated.

  2. Mommy November 16, 2011 at 2:12 pm #

    This just keeps getting better.

  3. Dfay November 16, 2011 at 3:28 pm #

    Elaheh did a much better job at painting her nails, very impressed. shocked that alyssa would do such a thing. LOVE LOVE LOVE the shout out to the olsens. there was once a time when I was apart of their fan club, wrote a letter and never received a response. BUMMER. the movie or should i say music pick of the week is the bomb, one of the best so far and im in love with him. can’t wait for apk’s arrival in westport, you’ll be missed over thanksgiving. keep blogging pleaseee

  4. mallory November 21, 2011 at 8:22 am #

    yeh so all i got out of this post was that basically you took advantage of the overworked underpaid topshop employees and stole from the store under their watch. real nice.

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