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Gal, what’s up? Where you been? What do you know?!

29 May

We fantasized about relaunching our blog this summer with a chic, sophisticated, and young site design that would make the blogging community take us seriously rather than scoff at us for our generic theme and low quality pictures. For two days straight, we did nothing but experiment with different fonts and colors (and went to the beach and to Marshalls/Home Goods). We lost sleep, partially due to the blog format, partially due to the insane humidity at the Jersey Shore. But here we are back where we started. Sorry blogging community, but our formatting is generic and mainstream. If anyone has an idea for a logo, get at us.

This past week we went to Zum Schneider on the Lower East Side. We judged the beer garden by 3 main criteria: the attractiveness of the crowd, the quality of the food, and the celebrities spotted. The clientele was collectively a 10. Our German waiter was gorgeous, the couple whose beer Alyssa knocked over was gorgeous, but most gorgeous of all was the Billabong male model standing at the bar. Oh my god, I think he looked in our general direction.

We think it’s safe to say that German food isn’t on any diet plan. Alyssa got a pork shank with a potato dumpling on the side and Elaheh got schnitzel. We also got pretzels that were imported from Bavaria, but hey, they weren’t great. I can get a better one at a pool snack bar.

Sitting at the table behind us was Cyndi Lauper, her actor husband, and a small entourage of people wearing sunglasses indoors. Given that Cyndi is an eighties star who still dyes her hair platinum blonde, we think she might have some financial problems. She was carrying a non-discreet black nylon purse, and the bills in her wallet were crumpled up. Omg, is she dabbling in pole dancing to pay the bills? She was also wearing all black—is it because she is French and sophisticated, or because she can’t afford to wear elegant clothes? Bottom line is that we find her to be an unfriendly celebrity because we tweeted at her during dinner asking how she liked her pretzel and she never responded.

girls just wanna have fun!!

Random Musings
If you find yourself bored at your CRE, take the language of love quiz and find out how you best express and interpret love. Why not? You have nothing to lose! Fahshion magazines are pointing to tribal prints and structured bathing suits as trends for summer 2k12. Also, Essie’s bikini so teeny nail polish makes for a great pastel mani. Summer blockbusters are one of Elaheh’s passions in life, but so far no trailers have stood out. Neither of us have seen What to Expect When You’re Expecting but we think it could have the characteristics of a classic ensemble cast movie: funny, but not funny enough to laugh, too many famous actors in one scene, and a minimum of 10 story lines. Alyssa’s fav ensemble cast film is New Year’s Eve (Bon Jovi <3), but not Valentine’s Day because that is the worst movie ever made. Finally, our Ginger of the Week award goes to Amy Poehler’s son, who Elaheh spotted on the C train with his mom, Amy Poehler. They got on at 81st street, he ate goldfish from a zip lock bag, and they got off at West 4th. Speaking of comedy stars, Alyssa spotted Maya Rudolph waiting at a stoplight near Grand Central. And so it begins, the summer of celebrity!!