That Girl Was a One Time Teenage Drama Queen

6 Jun

We went to the New York premiere of Lola Versus on Tuesday night. We didn’t realize we were going to a movie premiere until we arrived at the theater and saw leggy models and their agents lingering on the sidewalk, surrounded by a line of paparazzi. They clearly weren’t photographing us, but we did manage to photo bomb a few pictures.

While waiting to file into the theater, we mingled with no one as we blatantly gawked at minor celebrities like Zachary Quinto and the guy who plays Ellis from SMASH. We like to think we made eye contact with some of them, but does it count as eye contact if you stare at someone until they are forced to look at you, or does it have to be made organically? If it’s the former, then yes, we definitely made eye contact with some celebs. Hi.

Squint and you can see the stars!!!!

We scored free Diet Coke and non-preservative popcorn on the way to our seats and munched as we people watched from the back corner of the theater. We wonder: was the guy wearing an I ❤ NY sweatshirt trying to be ironic or was he a tourist?

Lola Versus is an indie romcom centered on the life of Lola, a twenty something Ph.D candidate played by Greta Gerwig. The plot starts when Lola’s fiancée breaks up with her, and from that point on Lola’s life sucks. Like, truly sucks. And it doesn’t improve either. By the end of the film, nothing has changed for Lola except her outlook on life–she decides that she is going to find herself. Good luck!

Put simply, Lola Versus is funny. The screenwriter’s wife, Zoe Lister Jones, does a hysterical job playing the token best friend. It’s an amusing way to spend an hour and a half, but the movie wasn’t memorable. Definitely won’t be incorporating quotes from Lola into daily conversation like we do with the Parent Trap.

Comes out this Friday!

Random Musings

The co-director of Lola Versus, Daryl Wein, is a graduate of Staples High School, class of 2002. What up Westport! Last week we endorsed Essie nail polish, but we recently realized that getting our nails done is a luxury that neither of us can afford, so this week we’re all about keeping our nails natural. It’s the perfect summer color and the whiter your nail beds are, the tanner your hands look. Amy Sherman-Palladino, the creator of Gilmore Girls, has started a new ABC Family show called Bunheads, which chronicles a Las Vegas dancer who moves to a sleepy coastal town to work in her mother-in-law’s dance studio. It can’t be worse than Kyle XY (who was weirdly handsome despite his lack of belly button). Also, in honor of Miley Cyrus’ engagement to Liam Hemsworth, we recommend The Last Song. Sweet niblets, she should be marrying Nick Jonas.


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