Hey, What’s the Big Idea?!

19 Jun

Our SOEC summer of celebrity continues this week with some more minor celebrity spottings. In the same day, Elaheh saw Kelly Killoren Bensimon of RHNYC running through the streets of lower Manhattan in neon spandex and Tate Donovan, aka Jimmy Cooper, walking down 8th avenue.

Alyssa also saw the dad of the co-writer/producer of Lola Versus at Grand Central. After eavesdropping on his conversation about the movie she told him that she liked his son’s film, to which he replied, “I’m glad you liked it! I didn’t understand it, too many female jokes but I’m proud of him.” Lola Versus is officially the movie equivalent of that friend that you can’t get rid of, why does it keep coming back into our lives?

After watching every clip of Newsies on Youtube, we’ve come to the informed decision that newsboy hats are going to be the No.1 trend for fall 2012. Srsly. We can guarantee that everyone will be wearing them come Thanksgiving. If you don’t believe us, look at all these fahshan forward stars who picked up on our structured bathing suit trend forecast. Mmk.

Observation: The 7th Heaven opening credits in Season 11 are at least 5 minutes longer than those of season 1. We blame this on the excessively large cast, which we trace back to 3 reasons: the number of homeless kids turned honor students living in the Camden household, the random girlfriends played by sisters of pop stars (Haylee Duff, Ashlee Simpson), and the general presence of Sam and David.

Re: R&B/Soul
We’re not really sure what classifies a song as R&B, but we associate it with cheating boyfriends like Usher, MTV circa 2003, and girls wearing netted belly shirts. R&B hasn’t been the same since Ja Rule left the scene, which we originally thought was because he settled down in Upper Saddle River, New Jersey to raise his kids and set them up with Rev Run’s children, but a recent Google search indicates that he’s actually been in prison, which he described as “amazing.”

On that note, here are our top 5 fav R&B/Soul beats:

1. Confessions Pt. 2 by Usher
2. World’s Greatest by R. Kelly
3. Knock You Down by Keri Hilson, Kanye West and Ne-Yo
4. Sorry for 2004 by Ruben Studdard
5. My Boo

Who else agrees that listening to your favorite song when it comes on the radio is more enjoyable than listening to it when it comes on shuffle? Hell yeah, I’m gonna crank the volume in my CRV (which by the way, has 2 speeds: fast and faster) when I hear Ashanti and Ja Rule’s Always on Time but no thanks, I’d rather listen to the Rent soundtrack when I clean my room.

God is Love, Rev Run.


One Response to “Hey, What’s the Big Idea?!”

  1. M June 20, 2012 at 12:49 am #

    Okay SOEC, I will say a few things about this. First, (I used to think it was “Firstly,” until a history professor this year told me that every time I submitted a paper with that mistake in it he wanted to drive his toyota rav4 into the Chenango Canal) (that one’s for all you CNYers) (you know what you’re just lucky i spent 3 hours crafting words together into a semblance of an argument for your pointless assignment you big DBAG) lost my train of thought, found it, i hate newsboy caps.

    Second, snaps to Alyssa for approaching another human being in Grand Central in a friendly manner, am I wrong in assuming most of us just want to mow everyone else down? (and through that guys response i’ll accurately deduce he’d rather his son held almost any other profession than co-writer/producer of some weird film starring a character named ‘Lola’). Share time: I think my life would be in a much better place if my mom had told me every morning “You is kind, you is smart, you is important”.

    7th Heaven- HATE. Nothing about that show is remotely exciting, the big event of the season was when Ruthie got her period and refused to allow her parents to throw a party in her honor, i mean is this normal in CA??? if so, woof.

    Props to SOEC for recognizing the unrivaled greatness of “World’s Greatest” and “Confessions pt2” and fun fact of the day Ruben Studdard once beat his brother unconscious to beat him to a turkey club sandwich. No judgments, Ruben, we’ve all been there.

    TTYL SOEC thx again

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