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Free Stickers at the Millburn Deli!!!

31 May

As promised, we traversed the tri-state area for our third blog post. We had a lot of idealized visions of our excursion, but in retrospect most of the things we did aren’t blog-worthy/interesting in the slightest. We’ll try to highlight the most notable points from our day trip.


We got lost in downtown Newark. However, the situation was easily resolved with a quick k-turn by some abandoned warehouses.

Note: Gas is cheaper in New Jersey than in CT. (NJ: 1, CT: 0)


Alyssa, the up and coming public transportation savant, got to ride both Metro North and NJ Transit today. Unreal!!

Alyssa on the sit. : “Air conditioning was broken on the train from Short Hills to Penn Station…It was 90 degrees out.” (NJ:1, CT:1)

We had a classic ice cream-deli combo today. Call us crazy, but we ate our frozen yogurt before we ate lunch.

Fro-yo, Westfield, NJ

Elaheh has been going here since infancy, but she is still unclear as to what the name of the shop is. Possibilities include I Can’t Believe It’s Yogurt (ICBIY?), TCBY, or just fro-yo.

We weren’t feeling adventurous regarding flavors, but girl about town Annie Fruchtman recommends tart blueberry. We both got chocolate and vanilla swirl; Elaheh topped hers with Reese’s while Alyssa opted for Sno Caps. Elaheh has heard from a source that used to work there that the Reese’s aren’t actually Reese’s brand but generic. They were still good. Even though Westport’s “Top That” had more flavors to choose from, ICBIY does give two servings of toppings, one in the middle and one at the top. Although, Top That is self-serve so we guess you could give yourself as many servings of toppings as you want. Since a rep for Top That did not confirm if their Reese’s were generic or not, the score remains tied 1:1 between NJ and CT. (cahn’t believe we just wrote 130 words about frozen yogurt…)

Millburn Deli

Back by popular demand, Alyssa Bawden joined us for lunch at the Millburn Deli in Millburn, NJ. One word to describe the Millburn Deli: overwhelming.

Alyssa K: chicken cutlet, mozzarella, roasted red peppers, and balsamic vinegar in a wrap. She got the peppers removed but does not recommend doing this—less flavor. A bag of Cheetos puffs added a nice deli-like touch though. Om nom nom.

Alyssa B, turkey trot: turkey, bacon, Russian dressing, and Swiss cheese grilled on rye bread. We all tried this sandwich and LOVED IT!!

Elaheh: grilled chicken with roasted red peppers, mozzarella cheese, pesto, and mayonnaise on a baguette. Delicious!! Could’ve gone without the mayonnaise because the pesto and red peppers gave it enough flavor.

Millburn Deli beats out Oscar’s in their sandwich creativity, and it had great ambience (NJ: 2, CT: 1).


All of the sandwiches at the Millburn Deli came with a singular sandwich stuffer pickle. Oscar’s in Westport gave us a free pickle platter so CT beats New Jersey in the pickle arena. (NJ: 2, CT: 2)

Daily Picks

  • What we’re reading? Bel Canto by Anne Patchett (Thanks Nnej!), very captivating. Also, in honor of Alyssa’s semester abroad in Edinburgh check out One Day by David Nicholls. Great reads, great reads. Elaheh wants to go off on a tangent about how good One Day is, but she’ll wait to start a book club solely dedicated to the book and upcoming movie starring Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess.
  • Movies: Haven’t seen any movies lately but Martin Bawden said that The Hangover Part 2 got “awful reviews.” If Martin is skipping it, so are we.
  • On the playlist: EVERYTHING GLEE in honor of our super-special blogging event next Monday!!!
  • We also suggest listening to Get Me Bodied (Extended Mix) by Beyonce and checking out this inspiring video clip.

Addendum addendum!!! Psych major Ellen Doernberg is featured on the Hamilton News Feed. Crazy shit, check it out. Yes, she does play the flute.



Shakes, Sales, and Summer !!

24 May

Loyal fans,

In the name of blogging, we journeyed to 36th street for a Tibi sample sale. After waiting in line for half an hour (anything for fah-shahn), we were escorted into the Happy Monkey Studio! We fought our way through spandex-clad women in pursuit of summer prints. We couldn’t take pictures, but OMG was it crazzaaay! Dresses, skirts, shorts, shoes, etc. Twenty-dollar bathing suits were scattered in cardboard boxes; the chances of finding matching tops and bottoms were slim, so here’s a leisurely lifestyle fashion tip: mismatch is in!

The sale is happening for two more days, starting at noon at 348 West 36th St.

We left the sale famished and headed to Shake Shack at Madison Square Park (as seen in Something Borrowed) for some burgers, fries, and milkshakes. Wee!

Thoughts on the meal:

  • Fries were decent; could get them anywhere, nothing special.
  • The Shack Burger was DELICIOUS! We recommend skipping the sauce if you don’t like mayonnaise and opting for a regular cheeseburger or hamburger.
  • Shakes: Filling. Very filling.
  • People Watching: Great. Lots of European couples in Polo shirts. A generally good-looking crowd.
  • We asked James, quality Shake Shack server, if he had seen Rachel and Ethan from Something Borrowed strolling through the park. He didn’t know what we were talking about.

Local Celebrity Spottings:

  • Touran Nozari at the Tibi sample sale sporting a Gap floral dress and Aerosoles. What was she doing there?!?
  • Alyssa Bawden, with us all day, looking relaxed after her semester abroad in Lugano. What happens at Franklin College stays at Franklin College.
  • An unidentified recent Hamilton grad strolling through Herald Square. She was last seen by the Levitt Center in the Communication department. Huh?
  • A girl losing her balance while rollerskating. She proceeded to run into a delivery man and a white van. Halp!
  • Rumor has it that Claire Corroon is in the Big Apple. This has yet to be confirmed.

Daily Picks:

  • Song: Beautiful Love, The Afters: it might sound familiar from 8th and Ocean. Who watched that?
  • Summer Reading: We didn’t have a chance to read this week, but see below for a pretty selection of beach reads!
  • Movies: Bridesmaids, “kinda funny”-Alyssa
  • TV shows: Extreme Couponing.

Next week:

  • an undisclosed location in NEW JERSEY!!!