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“I’m not even a fan, I’m just here because I have nothing better to do”

15 Jun

Armed with well-loved copies of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and accompanied by our personal publicists, we sat front row at Ann Brashares’ reading and signing of her new book, Sisterhood Everlasting.

Kind of confused at where Sisterhood Everlasting fits in with the rest of the Sisterhood books (there are four), but from what we gather it picks up on the lives of the characters as “they approach thirty, woof.” That’s a direct quote from the announcer/Barnes and Noble security guard. For celebrities reading this: weak security at Barnes and Noble at 86th and Lexington.

Quick bio/thoughts on Ann:

  • 4 kids, the 3rd child is at least 10 years older than the youngest
  • went to Barnard; majored in philosophy, which she described as a “truly practical major.” We couldn’t tell if she was being sarcastic or not, but we do have to say that philosophy is saaaach a liberal arts major
  • doesn’t have any sisters but always fantasized about having some. Alyssa shares this sentiment, but Elaheh can’t quite imagine growing up without two high-strung look-a-likes.
  • very high cheekbones and GREAT complexion. Totally into her minimal makeup.

She began the reading with a quick round of Sisterhood trivia. We noticed that our enthusiasm was subpar compared that of the other fans (and to our own at the Glee concert), but Alyssa did win a bag of Cheetos for correctly naming one of the foods eaten at the annual sisterhood rituals. Possible answers included Cheetos, Gummi worms, or Pop Tarts.

We prepared unique SOEC questions for Ann, but Elaheh was too starstruck to ask. Alyssa asked her what books were on her summer reading list; she suggests short stories by Raymond Carver.

Daily/Weekly/Whatever Picks

  • Song: To Sir, With Love from Glee (phase isn’t over yet, sarry) and My Best Friend’s Brother by Victoria Justice. See below for the music video. BFB!!!
  • Book: Too Big To Fail by Andrew Ross Sorkin. Meaty and educational. Also, we hear that Girl in Translation is trending
  • TV Show: Zoey 101. “That’s what made me want to go to boarding school”-Alyssa
  • Movie: Cars 2. Who doesn’t like a talking car?!

Next post: If you’re wondering why we didn’t feature any food in this post, it’s because we’re doing a cleanse before we have ice cream for every meal!!!

Also, anyone in the media industry? Get at us. We’re looking for some press passes. People Stylewatch…?

What’s skanking?